Canvas and reproductions of Philippe Caza artwork

Open your home to other worlds…

Here you will discover a new addition to our reproductions on canvas. On this page you will find some of the greatest artwork of Philippe Caza.

Each reproduction is available in five sizes. For some, you will have the option to add a premium frame that will emphasize the beautiful colors of the illustration (see “Options” at the end of the page).

Every canvas is stretched on a wooden frame of 2 cm (3/4’’).

5 sizes for A formats: from S (similar to A4) to XXL (similar to A0).

5 sizes for panoramic formats: from S to XXL

Rhialto in XXL panoramic and The temple of the night in XXL format (similar to A0)

Illustrations by Philippe Caza


A splendid interpretation of Elric on his throne.


An ethereal universe. The French cover for Lois McCaster Bujold novel.


The discovery of a new world…


Between SF and fantasy… The French cover for Lois McMaster Bujold novel.

Robot dreams

When robots dream of cyber sheep… One of Caza’s most famous illustrations: the French cover for a compilation of Isaac Asimov short stories.

The Rest of the Robots

A masterful illustration for another compilation of Isaac Asimov short stories.

Out of their minds

The surreal French cover of a Clifford D. Simak novel.


Jack Vance connoisseurs will recognize Rhialto the Marvellous.

Cthulhu 1993

RPG players, you might know the RPG Call of Cthulhu, creating in 1993.

The chimeric Creator

The chimeric Creator was drawn in 1988 and is the cover of the Philippe Caza Artbook, published by Nestiveqnen Editions (now on Kickstarter).

Cthulhu 2011

Another illustration for the RPG Call of Cthulhu, created in 2011.

The temple of the night

The temple of the night (only illustration in a landscape format) is the cover of “Caza 30×30”, the very first art book dedicated to Philippe Caza, published by Les Humanoïdes Associés editions in 1979.

How to choose the canvas size?

Here are a few pictures to help you out.

The sizes

Each canvas is available in 5 different sizes.

Canvas prices by size

Price of the reproduction depending on their size.

From A4 to A0 for all illustrations (except Rhialto: see below).

  • Format S - 30x20 cm (similar to A4) // 12"x8"
    39,90€ // (estimation: $43)
  • Format M - 40x30 cm (similar to A3) // 16"x12"
    49,90€ // (estimation: $54)
  • Format L - 60x40 cm (similar to A2) // 24"x16"
    69,90€ // (estimation: $76)
  • Format XL - 80x60 cm (similar to A1) // 30"x24"
    89,90€ // (estimation: $98)
  • Format XXL - 120x80 cm (similar to A0) // 48"x36"
    149,90€ // (estimation: $163)

Sizes available for panoramic illustrations (Rhialto).

  • Panoramique S - 40x20 cm // 14"x8"
    39,90€ // (estimation: $43)
  • Panoramique M - 60x30 cm // 20"x12"
    59,90€ // (estimation: $63)
  • Panoramique L - 80x40 cm // 30"x16"
    79,90€ // (estimation: $84)
  • Panoramique XL - 100x50 cm // 40"x24"
    99,90€ // (estimation: $105)
  • Panoramique XXL - 120x60 cm // not available for USA



Frames are optional.

Frames are always 1.5cm thick // .60″

The frames are what we call floating frames, meaning they are not directly attached to the canvas as a basic frame would. The inner edges of the frame are detached from the canvas, giving the impression it is floating around the illustration.

This modern and elegant rendering brings a touch of originality and enhances the picture beautifully.

Made of PVC, they are strong and UV resistant.

You can choose between five colors, some more suitable to fantasy (oak, walnut), others to science fiction (silver). The more classical frames (white and black) will pair well with all the illustrations.

Frames are not available for panoramic canvas.

5 colors to choose from :

  • silver frame
  • white frame
  • black frame
  • oak frame
  • Walnut frame

Please note that not all picture sizes can be framed.

  • The thicker the frame (1.5 cm//.40″), the smaller the canvas wil look. For this reason, a thinner frame is preferable for A4 sizes in particular.
  • Panoramic sizes (Rhialto) cannot be framed